First visit room

Open space

Consultation room


Our Clinic

The office  is divided into different areas for patients, doctors and office staff.

Updates and mayor/ minor restyling occurred during all years in order to ensure rooms which are spacious, bright and functional.

The waiting room is spacious and bright and includes a water station, a standing air purifier, a charging station for phones and mobile devices, a large screeen with office info and a complimentary wifi connection.

Our clinic features a operation room containing two orthodontic chairs. This environment is usually dedicated to adult patients and appliance placement sessions .

In the open space containing three orthodontic chairs, check-ups are carried out for both kids & adolescent . A consultation room is adjacent to these two areas, within which talks with patients and patients’ parents are held also through the use of a large monitor embedded into a modern desk.

A room dedicated to initial visits complete the operational area, with a second consultation zone featuring a digital radiography system, which serves to make, when necessary, basic 2D digital x-rays for orthodontic diagnosis (panoramic, lateral cephalometric and postero-anterior).

Moreover, when deemed necessary in order to complete the diagnosis, radiographs can be realised in 3D with low dose. 

At the centre of the open space we have an administration area, in which administrative processes are performed on a computer system tailored for managing medical records, as well as a series of procedures that have over the years allowed us to run an office nearly entirely paperless.

The operational part is completed by a sterilization area, where staff follow strict protocols specific to the latest equipment.

The clinic is completed by the Garino doctors’ private office and a 3D lab with a 3D printer. The clinic is free of architectural barriers, enabling access to patients with disabilities.