Our Staff

Our front desk and chairside assistants




Angela & Patrizia, front desk and chairside assistants 

Our  staff is composed of co-workers who perform their jobs with enthusiasm and professionalism.

They form a very well-functioning team, which is a key factor for making clinical procedures organised, efficient and precise. For them, as well as for the Garino doctors, it is important that our patients are offered the best possible orthodontic experience.

Nobody has exclusive tasks, but over the years everyone has acquired a thorough knowledge of all procedures taking place daily in the clinic, such as assisting patients during a visit, sterilisation procedures and secretarial tasks. Their role of interface between the doctor and patient is extremely important.

The scientific and technological innovations, which have always been present in the daily practice of the clinic, have been assimilated by our staff and are applied by them on a day-to-day basis: in particular, all IT applications, and among them the creation of digital photographs and the development and storage of digital radiographs.

In the last several years they have also learned techniques for the implementation of digital study models and, from 2010, the new intraoral 3D scanning systems. They have moreover been using an advanced management system for many years, which allows them to manage all patient information in a “paperless” mode of operation.

All procedures to do with the sterilisation of instruments, which are then used by doctors during orthodontic treatment, are also managed by them: all sterilisation procedures follow exactly defined protocols. Our assistants therefore perform a very important role in the clinic.

In our opinion, for an orthodontic treatment to be successful, in addition to the professional skills of specialists, teamwork distinguished by discipline, communication and cooperation is of great importance.

i- Tero intraoral scanner, our “digital staff member”

Since September 2010, a new technology was implemented in the Clinic. Our clinic had one of the first installed in Europe where it waspossible to electronically scan the teeth to create a digital impression.

When the scan is completed, the on screen real-time scanning is displayed on video, and it’s possible to generate a digital model, a 3D virtual simulation and a procedure for indirect bonding.

Since May 2011, this technology is used in the Clinic for aligner cases cases.

This technology eliminates many processes currently used for taking impressions and for classic discomfort suffered by patient while taking impressions.

In 2013 the office has acquired a new intraoral scanner, Itero 2.9, replaced in 2015 by the 3rd generation scanner, iTero Element. Since 2020 a new intraoral scanner has been installed, Element 5D with new features such as infrared technlogy to detect interproximal caries