Treatments Philosophy

Drs. Garino treatments philosophy

Our Clinic aims to provide patients with the latest orthodontic care in a professional and serene environment, conveying positive orthodontic experience to patients.

The level of orthodontic treatment is also improved thanks to our continued interest in orthodontic clinical research, the continuous updating, scientific publications and scientific contributions at national and international meetings.

We think that for the orthodontist a constant updating is fundamental, in order to provide patients the state of the art treatments.
We try to achieve these aims through active participation in societies, such as SIDO (SocietĂ  Italiana di Ortodonzia), AAO (American Association of Orthodontists), Angle Society of Europe and WFO (World Federation of Orthodontists), who get the participation of the best orthodontists in the world.

Still, participation to both national and international “User” meetings of the main orthodontic systematic used in the study (SPEED and Invisalign) and management systems (Dolphin) is an opportunity for constant improvement and updating.

In the diagnosis instrumental, since more than ten years we exclusively use digital technologies.

In our Clinic, we also use the most advanced orthodontic techniques available today, selecting the most effective ones to solve individual problems.

Great attention is given to procedures for instruments sterilization.