Oral hygiene

Dr. Francesco Garino

Basic principles of a correct oral hygiene procedure

Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects during the orthodontic treatment.

At the beginning of the orthodontic treatment, each patient, therefore, receives a complete kit containing everything needed to maintain the best state of cleanliness of the teeth, along with a brochure customized on oral hygiene made by our Clinic.

Oral Hygiene Kit Contents:

– orthodontic toothbrush
– travel toothbrush
– bristles cover
– toothpaste
– dental floss
–  floss threader
– cleaning brush plaque
– revealing tablets wax

The day when braces are applied, the our  staff instructs the patient with pictures and videos about the correct use of the toothbrush and the elements, contributing to maintain the best oral health during orthodontic treatment.

The kit also contains the tablets revealing the plaque, used during the first month to see which are the areas most neglected in the daily routines of brushing.

During the session, the correct brushing techniques are taught, how and when to brush teeth, as well as teaching how and when to use dental floss and brush.

We also give clear instructions on what to do in case of orthodontic emergencies and habits to avoid during the orthodontic treatment itself.

Good oral hygiene prevents the onset of tooth decay and reduces the accumulation of plaque and tartar during orthodontic treatment.